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Meet The Team

Our greatest asset

The EOS Hospitality team is composed of the industry’s best and brightest, people who are not only knowledgeable but disciplined and principled. Whether we’re vetting partnerships or reviewing expenses, we evaluate every decision with a laser focus on a hotel's best interest.

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Meet The Team

headshot photo of jonathan wang

Jonathan Wang

Founder & CEO

close up image of simon mais

Simon Mais

Chief Operating Officer

professional picture of kim phoebus

Kim Phoebus

Chief Financial Officer

image of mark keiser

Mark Keiser

Chief Development Officer

headshot of albert alcantara

Albert Alcantara

Vice President, Finance & Accounting

close up image of albert rothman

Albert Rothman

Senior Vice President, Food & Beverage

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Bernie Campbell

Senior Vice President, Finance

headshot image of bryan barbieri

Bryan Barbieri

Senior Vice President, Public Relations

professional image of chris hemming

Chris Hemming

Director, Global Leisure Sales

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Colleen Heslin

Corporate Director, Revenue & Distribution

close up photo of daniel ben efraim

Daniel Ben-Efraim

VP, Sales

professional photo of ethan wise

Ethan Wise

Art Director

close up image of gabrielle lewis

Gabrielle Lewis

Executive Assistant

headshot image of hannah hyzynski

Hannah Hyzynski

Vice President, People

photo of heather robertson

Heather Robertson

Vice President, Brand

Headshot of a blond man with a beard in a suit

Jake Logsdon

Vice President, Financial Planning & Business Analytics

close up image of lee lipschutz

Lee Lipschutz

Director, Development

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Liz Ricker

Director, HRIS & Payroll Services

headshot photo of michelle tannetta

Michelle Tannetta

Manager, Special Projects

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Mikala Reasbeck

Director, Brand Content

professional image of mike givens

Mike Givens

Vice President, eCommerce & Digital Marketing

close up photo of muhammad iqba

Muhammad Iqbal

Corporate Director, Finance

professional photo of rozsa dimando

Rozsa Dimando

Regional Director, Revenue & Distribution

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Ross McAlpine

Director, CRM

headshot photo of shawn usami

Shawn Usami

Regional Vice President, Revenue & Distribution