Community Impact
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Making an Impact

In our Local Communities

Generosity. Kindness. Service. These values make up the bedrock of hospitality. We're building on that foundation by using our resources to help solve pressing needs in our local communities through the Community Impact Program. In 2022, we launched a unique philanthropic framework to help our teams scale the community work they already do and make the biggest impact we can in the areas where we operate. 

community service project at Isla Bella

Impact at EOS Hospitality

Every hotel in our program chooses a cause to support based on the company's Impact Pillars and what their specific community needs most.

  • Environment
  • Youth and Education
  • Community Services
  • Arts and Culture

In addition to service and guest education, we collect a portion of proceeds to donate directly to local non-profit organizations. Organizations are identified by hotel leadership on a regular basis and are approved by EOS Hospitality. Qualifying organizations are thoroughly vetted and chosen based on demonstrated impact, local expertise, and sustainable programming.

Social impact volunteers

Do Well and Do Good

Community investment directly impacts our business and our employees — and it embodies our ethos of “do well and do good.”  The program has been a win for all: the non-profits, our teams and their communities, and our guests, who are helping us preserve these incredible destinations for years to come.

Beach House Impact Donation

Featured Partners

We believe in large-scale giving at the hyperlocal level. This ensures our efforts make immediate impact where it's needed and amplifies community voices. Here are some recent beneficiaries of the Impact Fund.